Acerola contains many vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and carotenoids, but it is especially known for its high vitamin C content. Acerola actually has, alongside with camu camu, one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in any fruits and berries.

Eating acerola, you may reduce signs of ageing, reduce allergic skin reactions and protect the skin. The anti ageing properties of acerola berry, base on the high level of antioxidants, which cleanse the body of toxins and substances that cause its breakdown.

Carotenoids improve the health of your skin, and bioflavonoids prevent the age-related diseases. Vitamin C plays one of the key roles in your body's own collagen production, so consuming acerola products daily is highly recommended.

Acerola, natural vitamin C, is best when consumed fresh, frozen or in freeze-dried powder form.

Natural vitamin C

  • One of the best sources for natural vitamin C
  • We only offer the best freeze-dried powders
  • Excellent product to support your body's own collagen production
  • Filled with antioxidants
  • Add to your morning smoothie or enjoy with your collagen powder
  • Additive-free versions
  • High-end glass packaging
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