Collagen peptides are natural proteins, that are derived for example from bovine skin, bone, pigskin, chicken or fish. Collagen represents a big part of all human proteins and it is the most important component of the connective tissue, making it a necessary part of healthy nutrition. Collagen is also the major structural component of skin, comprising about 80% of its dry weight.

Native collagen comprises of peptide chains of over a thousand amino acids. Three of these peptide chains wind around each other and form a triple helical structure. When these helixes wind around further, they produce collagen fibrils, which are stabilized by cross-linking into a three-dimensional network. This structure makes collagen insoluble in water.

Collagen peptides are short chain of amino acids, and these amino acids are connected to one another in a sequence by bonds called peptide bonds. These peptides are considered to be short chains of two or more amino acids, and the shorter the chain, the lower the molecular weight. Collagen peptides play a key role in promoting skin, hair, joint and bone health. For example, loss of collagen in the dermal skin layers leads to skin ageing.

The top collagen products on the market are produced through thermal extraction plus the specific and controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of native collagen. All these collagen peptides have been hydrolyzed and depending on their molecular weight, these collagen peptides may have different stimulating functions in the body. For example the shorter chain collagen peptides may stimulate osteoblasts in bones, while other short chain peptides may stimulate fibroblast activity in skin. These stimulating effects have been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies.


Precision hydrolyzed collagen peptides may stimulate many natural body functions and offer multiple physiological benefits. These collagen peptides may be able to pass through the intestinal wall and accumulate in the blood after only 15 minutes. These collagen peptides are also able to be distributed to the specific connective tissues of the body, depending on the degree of hydrolysis and molecular weight.

There are big differences between the "bulk collagen powders" and high-end collagen peptide powders, and how they affect the body. Most of the partially hydrolyzed collagen peptide powders on the market are only suitable as a protein supplement, and do not offer any specific health benefits due to their higher molecular weight.

Here at Skin Collagen®, the collagen peptide powders are manufactured from the native collagen through patented manufacturing processes which have multiple production steps, such as thermal extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, desalination, concentration, sterilization and spray-drying. The specific enzymatic hydrolysis is different in every product that we offer, as almost all of our collagen peptide powders are designed for specific needs (except Body Collagen).

All our collagen peptide powders are high-end products, which are virtually tasteless and mix easily with water. These collagen peptide powders are made with specific hydrolysis process and may have a molecular weight between 5.000 and 10.000 g/mol, which separates them from all the bulk powders. Only our Body Collagen has a higher molecular weight than the other products we offer, and therefore should be used solely as a general collagen protein supplement.

Our specific collagen peptides are manufactured accurately and are either designed to help promote the health of skin, joints, ligaments, tendons or bones. We also offer a more basic collagen powder for general health (Body Collagen). Whether you want smoother skin with fewer wrinkles, or just want to promote your joint, ligament, tendon or bone health, we may have a precision product for you. All our products are natural, fat-free, carbohydrate-free, gluten-free and non-allergenic.

- May restore skin moisture, may prevent the formation of wrinkles
- Possible specific stimulation of fibroblasts in skin

Joint health / JOINT COLLAGEN
- May protect and help to rebuild joint cartilage, may stop degeneration of cartilage
- Possible specific stimulation of chondrocytes in joint cartilage

Bone health / BONE COLLAGEN
- May improve bone stability and flexibility, may support bone tissue substance and density
- Possible specific stimulation of osteoblasts in bones

Ligament and tendon health / LIGAMENT COLLAGEN
- May protect and help to rebuild ligaments and tendons
- Possible specific stimulation of ligament cells in ligaments and tenocytes in tendons

General health / BODY COLLAGEN
- High degree of bioavailability, versatile in use and easy to use
- Highly valuable protein source with excellent functionality

Skin health with fish collagen / MARINE COLLAGEN
- Secondary option for skin health with collagen, that is origin of fish
- Suitable for people that do not want to use any animal based foods