Cellulite is the fat layer under the skin and it typically appears in thighs, pelvis and abdomen area. Cellulite strikes women of all ages and appears from a combination of excessive fat stores and weak connective tissue.

There are many reasons for the cellulite to appear on the body, but mostly it is up to the lifestyle choices that we make. The number one reason is the food that we eat, which is very often filled with toxins. Also our age, hormones, exercise and heredity affects a lot if cellulite is visible or not.

Also lack of collagen in the skin's dermis plays a key role in the formation of cellulite. To work properly in our dermis, collagen needs nutrients, but also oxygen from blood. If the blood vessels do not function properly, we start losing our collagen in our dermal skin layer. Age is the main reason for the reduction of collagen in our bodies, but also loss of estrogen affects negative way to our blood vessels by decreasing blood circulation and this way indirectly decreases the formation of collagen. So, the better the circulation we have in our blood vessels, the better chance we have to avoid cellulite.

Young women may also suffer from cellulite, but mostly the reason for this is so called estrogen dominance. This means that these women suffer from hormonal imbalances, and they have excessive estrogen production. Main reasons for this estrogen increase are heredity, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, high body fat content, stress, pregnancy and birth control pills.

The best ways to reduce cellulite is to strengthen the connective tissue of the inner dermal skin layer and to decrease body fat. We have gathered here some basic guides how to naturally reduce cellulite on your body.

Eat clean
One of the best ways to lower the toxin levels on your body is to start eating fresh food and stop consuming the processed foods. Try to increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, because these are alkaline and help remove toxins out of your body. Try to avoid all artificial additives, such as preservatives, flavors, sweeteners and emulsifiers.

Drink more water
Simply, you have to hydrate your body enough with pure water. Fruit and vegetable drinks are also good, but only if fresh, so try to avoid the pasteurized juices that you can find in grocery stores. Staying hydrated may greatly improve skin elasticity.

Excercise more
Physical training improves the blood circulation in the connective tissue and may increase the dermis density. Especially strength training may significantly reduce appearance of cellulite, because it increases muscle tone and decreases body fat. Try to focus on the areas, where the cellulite appears. A lower body excercises focusing on thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen are the most ideal ones. Please notice that reduction of fat on a particular part of your body can normally be accomplished only as part of an overall weight reduction. Not only does training strengthen the muscles and help reduce cellulite, but it also supports our skin.

Consume skin supporting supplements
Add cellulite reducing supplements to your nutrition. The only ingredient in Skin Collagen® product is a high-end collagen peptide powder, which has shown in clinical studies to reduce cellulite. Enjoy five grams per day with water on an empty stomach.

Burn body fat
Buy lowering your body fat content, you can efficiently decrease cellulite. Best way to lose fat is by combining smart training and healthy eating.