It is said that you are what you eat. It is no secret either, that healthy nutrition & wellbeing walk hand in hand. But often the most difficult task is to gather the right information about healthy foods, supplements and training, because internet is full of information, that differs lot from each other.

In this Nutrition & Wellbeing category, we have gathered information about healthy food, nutritional supplements and exercise, which may help you to feel good all year around. You can find here many tips and recipes to maintain healthy lifestyle. Here is some basic information how you can reach happier and healthier life.

Keep hydrated
Human body is made up largely of water. Water is vital for our existence, so maintaining hydration may affect on our energy levels and improve vitality. You should drink at least 1,5 liters of fresh water per day to keep your body hydrated. Water is essential for human cells to function well. Water also regulates body temperature, transports nutrients within the body, removes toxins out of the body and participates in the biochemical breakdown of what we eat. Water should always be the primary drink for you, throughout the entire day.

Eat good and healthy food
So, what is good and healthy food? We have a tip for you. Try to avoid packed foods that are labelled and look for healthier alternatives. Aim to eat fresh foods, such as vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs, meat, fish and other seafood. At least half of your food should come from vegetables, fruits and berries. So, seek for foods that are not packed in cans, plastic packaging or cardboard packaging. Look for the organic foods that are without additives. Eat nuts and seeds with moderation, because many nuts contain high levels of aflatoxins (poisonous carcinogens). Especially Brazil nuts and cashews should be consumed only very small amounts. Avoid processed foods and minimize the white flour and sugar intake.

Eat slower
Chew your food properly, because it may lead to positive effects, such as better digestion, weight loss and less stress. Digestion starts already in the mouth, so the better and slower you chew your food, the less digestive problems you will have in your stomach. When you eat slower, you most likely end up consuming fewer calories as well, so eating slowly might help you to lose weight. It is also easier to stop eating when you feel full. Eating slowly is also believed to release stress.

Exercise more
Try to exercise more, but remember to do all your training with moderation. Resistance training strengthens the body, significantly reduces fat mass and helps to maintain lean body mass. Especially as we age, the importance of exercise grows. Add aerobic exercise to your daily routines. If you do not like running, go cycling or do brisk walking. Try to walk at least 30 minutes per day and to do resistance training 2-4 times a week.

Get enough sleep
Sleep makes you feel better and improves your mood. Try to sleep 7–8 hours per night, because adequate sleep is vital for your health. Good sleep lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and premature ageing. Sleep also improves memory, increases creativity, enhances performance and metabolism.

Enjoy nutrient dense supplements
There are multiple nutritional supplements on the market and most are not good for you, because those are filled with artificial ingredients. For example try to seek for natural superfoods, vitamins, minerals and protein powders.
Here are few good tips to find good products:
Avoid artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners and all kinds of additives. Unflavoured versions are mostly the best. Look always for the natural products or organic products. If the product label has an ingredient that you do not know, leave the product to the store. Check where your product is manufactured and try to avoid supplements made in China and Taiwan, because many supplements from these countries have been found to contain unwanted ingredients and compounds. Famous brand does not necessary mean good products. Often it is quite the opposite, because the bigger the business grows, the more margin is needed for the shareholders. Look for reliable local companies, that know what they are offering.

Appreciate what you have
Life is full of good things, even when you have a bad day. Learn to appreciate what you have, rather than focusing on what you do not have.

Think positive
Always remember that positive mental health is an important part of a healthy life.